If you are experiencing a sound quality issue, such as garbling, out of sync tracks, or popping, it could be a mismatched sample rate. This can happen if you load the recording page and then change your input to a device that has a different sample rate than the original one. Unfortunately the browsers don't provide a way for us to know when sample rates have changed at the moment but this will eventually be available.

One solution is to ensure that all of your devices are plugged in and ready to go before loading the recording page. Additionally, if you change devices, you can simply refresh the recording page to ensure that Zencastr has up-to-date information on your devices.

Another option is to ensure that all of your audio devices are set to the same sample rate. Then it doesn't matter if they are changed because the sample rate will always be the same.

Zencastr's recording sample rate is 44100 hertz. If your devices are set to a different sample rate then we resample them to 44100 so it is best to simply start at 44100. This will save on processing power during the recording.

Changing sample rate using a Mac:

You can change the sample rate of your audio input and output devices using the Audio Midi Setup program that comes with MacOS. An easy way to open it is to type <command> + <space> then type Audio Midi Setup in the popup. If the audio devices window doesn't popup up immediately then you can show it by selecting window>audio devices from the top menu bar. Then change all of your devices to use 44100 for the sample rate.


Changing sample rate using Windows

Instructions on how to change your sample rate in windows can be found here:


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