Once your tracks have uploaded to your Zencastr recording page, you can then use the Automatic Postproduction button in Zencastr to mix your separate tracks together. Select the track/s you want to mix and then select 'advanced options' where you will see Cross Gate as one of the options to select.
In short, Cross Gate will attempt to remove any instances where one participants voice may have leaked onto another track.
See our blog post on Tips for Avoiding Audio Leakage
Zencastr runs all of its postproductions through a platform called Auphonic. They have an explanation of the different algorithms here: https://auphonic.com/multitrack#features
Make sure you scroll down to 'Crossgate: Crosstalk (Spill) Removal' for a more thorough explanation.

We've received mixed reports on whether people like the cross-gating on or off. As a result, we've defaulted it to off for now but it certainly won't make a big difference if you are all wearing headphones to avoid audio leakage anyway. So if you wish to use Cross Gate, it is up to you to select it.
Below is a quick GIF showing how to select Cross Gate:

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