When an episode recording page first loads, it detects selected audio device's sample and configures itself based on this. It is important that the sample rate doesn't change unexpectedly after this point as it can cause distortion in the recorded audio. A common way this can happen is if a user unplugs their microphone / audio interface after the recording page has loaded. This will cause the system to revert to a any available fallback devices. If the fallback device has a different sample rate than the first device, this can introduce a situation where the recording program is expecting one sample rate and getting another. This is why we perform a detection to make sure that the sample rates match up properly before you begin recording


The sample rate of the currently active audio device differs from the sample rate that the program initialized with.


Simply refreshing the page should allow the program to re-initialize with the currently selected device's sample rate. At that point, take care to not change or unplug the device for the duration of the recording process.

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