Sometimes uploads can fail.

The most common causes of this are:

  • if they have a weak internet connection.
  • If they are in a place with a network that blocks dropbox traffic. Sometimes office space / universities / hotels / etc do this.
  • if the Zencastr tab it closed before the uploads complete.

Luckily, Zencastr stores the files locally on each participant's computer until the end of the recording, when they are uploaded to our servers.

In order for recovery to be successful there are a few things that must happen:

  • Guest must be using the same computer & browser they were using at the time of recording
  • They must NOT be using an incognito window
  • They must return to the correct recording page to recover each track (there may be several recording pages for an episode)

You can retry the uploads by having the participant whose audio failed to upload return to the recording page. There they should be able to click on their track to retry the upload. If that still doesn't work, they can right-click on the track and select 'Recover from backup'. This will allow them to save the track to their file system so they can send it over to you.

Please make sure that they use the same computer and browser as was used to record as the backup is specifically saved to that browser and computer.

Additionally, if you have multiple recording under the same episode, you will need to send them a direct link to the specific recording you want them to recover a track from. You can get this link by navigating to the recording page yourself as the host and copy/pasting the url. It should have a unique id on the end. This will take them to the proper recording page. Otherwise they will be taken to the last recording in the episode.

Regular episode invite link example: 

Direct recording link example: 

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