How The Warning Shows

Before recording, the host or guest may see the health check says ‘Warning’ in yellow/orange on their track and in the health check dropdown there is a yellow/orange dot next to ‘the recommended minimum memory is 8 GB’ or ‘the recommended minimum memory is 4 GB for an audio only recording’.

What The Warning Means

The participant’s computer has lower RAM (aka memory) than is required for the recording mode. The minimum required RAM is:

  • Record Audio and Video and Record Audio. Show Video modes: 8 GB RAM or higher

  • Record Audio. No Video mode: 4 GB RAM or higher

Why This Warning Matters

A computer’s RAM is an important factor in the computer’s speed and performance. If the computer doesn’t have the minimum required RAM, the participant may have problems while recording on Zencastr including, but not limited to, the recording or web browser freezing, stopping, or crashing.


If the participant’s computer does not have minimum required RAM:

Recording mode is Record Audio and Video or Record Audio Only, Show Video

Recording mode is Record Audio Only

  • The participant needs to upgrade their computer’s RAM or use a different computer to record.

If the participant’s computer does have the minimum required RAM:

Some browsers’ privacy settings, particularly Brave, may prevent Zencastr from accurately reading the amount of RAM the computer has. To troubleshoot:

  • Verify that the computer has at least the minimum required RAM.

On Mac

  1. Click the Apple menu on the computer.

  2. Click About This Mac.

  3. Check Memory in the system information app.

On Windows

  1. Click the Start menu on the computer.

  2. Click System.

  3. Click About.

  4. Check Installed RAM under Device Specifications.

  • Proceed with recording

  • Turn off security shields in Brave; the page will refresh and the warning will clear

    • When a guest turns off their security shields they will be taken to the green room and should rejoin the recording page by clicking Join Recording.

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