Soundboard is a handy podcasting tool available on our pro plan. It allows you add important sound clips while you record your episode, so there's less to edit later.

With just a few clicks, you can select important audio such as your theme song, background music or sound effects and drag them into the Soundboard at the top of your recording page. You can import up to 10 separate files.

Then, while you're recording, select the clip you want to play and it will record it as part of the host's audio file.

There are two ways to select an audio clip to play...

  • Click the file with your cursor.

  • Use the numbers on your keyboard as a shortcut. The number correlates to the clip's order on the Soundboard. Select 1 to hear the first clip, select 2 to hear the second clip, etc.

You can either play the click in its entirety, or select the clip again and it will automatically fade out.

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