Wait... what? You're leaving us? 

Ok, we'll try to make this as painless as possible for you. 😁

If you have a Pro plan...

We typically recommend that you downgrade your account to our free Hobbyist plan, so you don't lose access to projects and files. To downgrade your Zencastr account, follow these instructions. Start by going to your Zencastr dashboard.

Navigate to Dashboard > Account > Change plan > Downgrade (to Hobbyist.) 

Prefer a visual? Here you go!

If you have a Hobbyist plan or you'd like to cancel/delete your Zencastr account...

Please email [email protected] or visit us through the live chat section on our website. We'd be happy to help you. 

We'd also like the opportunity to learn more about your overall experience with Zencastr.  This helps us improve our service!

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