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Will Zencastr Work with my Rodecaster Pro?
Will Zencastr Work with my Rodecaster Pro?

Learn how to use popular interfaces with our platform.

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An interface is a device that allows you to connect additional podcasting equipment to your desktop or laptop computer. You do not need to use an interface in order to use Zencastr, but if you're going to use one, there are some things you should keep in mind.

All tracks coming through your interface will be recorded on the same track on Zencastr.

Unfortunately, this a browser limitation, so we're not able to keep these tracks separate. However, if you have additional guests joining you separately through Zencastr- they will still have their own separate tracks- as long as they're recording using different computer.

If you really want all your tracks to be separate, one option is to record through your interface at the same time. The Rodecaster Pro allows you to multitrack record to either your MicroSD card or through your USB port so you can record through an editing program on your computer, and still keep the tracks separate. Combine those tracks with your Zencastr tracks... and voila! You have separate tracks for all your participants.

Be mindful of your interface settings as they may cause some a strange echo/delay in Zencastr.

If you're using the Rodecaster Pro, here are the settings we recommend.

  1. On your Rodecaster Pro, go to Settings --> Advanced --> Audio --> Processing --> Set “USB Mix-minus” to ON

  2. In Zencastr’s audio settings, set both your input and output to "Rodecaster Pro Stereo"

If multiple participants are using the Rodecaster Pro, all of them will need to apply these settings.

If you have specific questions about how your specific interface works with Zencastr, please reach out to our support team.

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