Welcome to Zencastr Video Open Beta! 🙌

The team has been working hard to bring you the best vidcasting experience possible, and now it is here! After extensive testing, Zencastr video recording is launching into open beta. Below you will find some information and questions about the state of beta. This is a living document which we will update frequently. If you have any FAQs you want us to add please contact [email protected]. Happy Podcasting!🎙

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How do I access the video beta?

Go to https://zencastr.com and login using your credentials. Video open beta is now incorporated into the Zencastr platform.

How many people can you record at once?

A maximum of 4 participants (1 host + 3 guests) can have their video recorded at once on a Zencastr call. More than 4 users may join the call, but only the first 4 users will be able to have their video feed recorded.

Can I record audio but not video?

Yes, with recording modes! Hosts can create an episode in the 'Record Audio Only, Show video' mode to record only audio while keeping the video display on so participants can see each other during the call. Or hosts can create an episode in the 'Record Audio Only' mode to record audio only and turn the video display off for all participants.

If someone is connected to the call but does not need to be recorded, can they mute their video and/or audio and not have it recorded?

They can turn their video and or audio off but empty tracks will still be recorded for them.

Is there screen sharing in Zencastr Video?

There is not screen sharing in the Zencastr video beta, but we hope to offer it in the future.

Will it be possible to have a speaker-only view in the mixed video? Zoom has this option. I would love to see this here also.

The video beta only allows a grid view at the moment, but we have plans for many other display options in the future.

My guest’s video is a bit pixelated. How do I improve video quality?

The video stream that you are seeing for the guest is not the recorded quality. We keep the resolution in the voip stream lower to save bandwidth for uploading your HD video recording. If you have any pixelation in the recording itself, please email us at [email protected] so we can check on this further.

Will it be possible to remove Zencastr branding from videos?

Removal of watermark isn’t available in the Zencastr video beta yet. We hope to offer this option in the future.

Will audio tracks be available separately from the video files or will we have to strip out the audio for podcasting?

Audio tracks are recorded separately, but the video contains an audio track as well.

Can we select to record .mp4 files rather than .mov?

The video beta only records .mov at the moment.

We were given 2 credits for use during this beta phase. Once the credits are over are we able to just purchase more to continue using video?

Yes, you will be able to purchase more credits.

What frame rate are the local videos being recording at?

We’re currently working on making it up to 30 FPS. Please note that this can be lower due to weak machines, bad cameras, or dark environments.

Since you are moving to add video, will you increase the sample rate/bit depth to 16bit/48k or 24bit/48k?

Our wav audio is already 16bit. There are no plans to move to 24bit at the moment, we are open to feedback around the need there.

Can you pause the soundboard?

We are adding this feature request for our dev team to review.

Is there a time limit to record?

There are theoretical limits. But we have yet to meet the top limit of recording time.

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