Zencastr’s video feature is now in open beta and accessible to all Zencastr users!

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Viewing Video

Recording Video

Downloading Video Files

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Viewing Video

How video viewing works:

  • You and your guests can see each other during the call if everyone has a camera selected and turned on.
  • Video is streamed in 240p so that guests have minimal wait times at the end of the call for their video files to upload.
    đź“ť The video recording quality is higher than the video streaming quality.

Recording Video

How video recording works:

  • Video is recorded for a maximum of 4 participants (1 host + 3 guests) per call.
  • If there are more than 4 participants on the call, only the first 4 participants will have their video feed recorded.
  • Video is recorded per participant in the maximum resolution allowed by each participant’s camera, up to 1080p. For example, if you have a 1080p camera and your settings enabled to record in 1080p and your guest has a 720p camera, then your video recording will be in 1080p while your guest’s video recording will be in 720p.
  • As video is recorded per participant, your video recording and each of your guests’ video recordings will be saved in separate files.
  • Video files are MOV and contain an audio track in addition to the video track.

Downloading Video Files

  1. When you stop the recording, you and each guest keep the Recording Page open until you each see a “Success” popup or dialog.
  2. After the Success popup displays for each guest, they can individually close the Recording Page on their computers or you click Hang Up Call to end the call for all guests.
  3. On the Recording Page, in each user track you see a MOV button.
  4. Click a button and a popup displays the MOV file(s).
  5. Click the file you want in the popup and it downloads to your computer.
  6. Repeat for each user’s files.

Download your files from your connected Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Not Using Video

If you and/or your guests do not want to use video, you as the host can turn off everyone’s cameras as guests enter the Recording Page or guests can individually turn their cameras off before they enter or as they enter the Recording Page.

Turning Off Cameras As the Host

  1. On the Recording Page, you locate the user tracks below the video preview.
  2. Click the camera icon on your user track and your camera is turned off.
  3. Click the camera icon on each guest’s user track and their cameras are turned off.

❗️ Once a guest’s camera is turned off, only they can turn it back on again by re-clicking the camera icon in their user track in the Recording Page. The host cannot turn a guest’s camera back on. This is for privacy reasons.

Turning Off Camera As a Guest

  1. On the Recording Page, the guest locates their user track below the video preview.
  2. The guest clicks the camera icon and their camera is turned off.
    đź“ť The guest can also turn off their camera before entering the Recording Page via the green room.

Related Questions

Can I share my screen on Zencastr? Can I record a screen share on Zencastr?

At this time, Zencastr doesn’t support screen sharing. We hope to soon, so stay tuned!

How can I record audio only?

You and your guests can turn off your cameras during the recording. Video files will still be created for each participant, but they will not contain visuals from the cameras. Because only a black screen will be recorded, the size of the video files will be relatively small.

Can I use video viewing without using video recording on my call?

If you use video viewing during your call, video files will also be recorded for each participant.

Why do I/my guests look blurry/pixelated in the video preview?

Video is streamed in 240p to save bandwidth for uploading the video recording. Streaming in 240p helps to reduce your guests’ wait times at the end of the call. The video recordings themselves are in high-definition. The actual resolution of each participant’s video recording depends on their camera’s resolution and settings.

What frame rate are the local videos recorded at?

The frame rate is up to 30 FPS. This can be lower when participants’ computers are older, they have poor-performing cameras, or are recording in dark environments.

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