Creating an episode is the first step of recording in Zencastr. Episodes are the space within which you and your guests record and link to the page that stores recording files (aka Recording Page).

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Episode Naming

Creating Episodes

Archiving Episodes

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Episode Naming

An episode’s name:

  • Becomes part of the URL for the Recording Page for that episode.
  • Is visible to your guests as the title of their green room and their link to join the Recording Page.
  • Cannot be changed once the episode is created.

Creating Episodes

To create an episode:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Create New Episode.
  2. Type the episode’s name.
  3. Click Create.

Archiving Episodes

❗️If you have recorded in an episode, make sure all needed files are saved/backed up on your computer or a connected cloud storage drive before archiving the episode.

Archiving an episode:

  • Removes the episode from your Dashboard and deletes any locally backed up files contained inside the episode.
  • Frees up the storage space the locally backed up files occupied.
  • Makes the Recording Page URL tied to the episode inaccessible to you and anyone else that has the link.
  • If you have a connected Dropbox or Google Drive account, it does not affect/delete the episode files saved there.

To archive an episode:

  1. From the Dashboard, locate the episode.
  2. Click the file icon to the right on the episode name.
  3. Read the warning and click Confirm.

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How do I invite guests to join my episode/Recording Page/call?

See Inviting Guests.

Is an episode scheduled for a specific date and time in Zencastr? How do I schedule my episodes?

Episodes are not scheduled in Zencastr for specific dates and times. You and your guests can meet in the episode’s Recording Page at any time. You should inform your guests separately as to what date and time to meet you in the episode’s Recording Page via calendar invites, emails, or your preferred method.

How do I change an episode’s name?

Once an episode has been created, you cannot change the episode's name.

How do I delete an episode?

To delete an episode, follow the above steps for archiving an episode.

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