“Error: Unfinalized Track” can occur when a host’s or guest's files do not finish uploading to the server. The following instructions are for when this error occurs in a recording done on zencastr.com.

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What Is An Unfinalized Track?

An unfinalized track is an audio (MP3, WAV) or video (MOV) file that hasn’t finished uploading to the servers or wasn’t uploaded properly.

On the Recording Page, the host sees “Error: Unfinalized Track” on one or more files on their own user track or guests’ user tracks, depending on which participant the error happened to.


How Zencastr Stores and Uploads Files

While you and your guests record in Zencastr, all of your files are progressively uploaded to the server while the recording is still in progress. Simultaneously, local backups are stored on each individual participant’s computer.

When the host ends the recording, host and guest files finish uploading to the server and each participant sees a success or confirmation popup in their view of the Recording Page. This process usually completes for all participants within seconds of the host ending the recording.

What Causes Unfinalized Tracks?

Unfinalized tracks are usually caused when something interrupts the file upload.

This most frequently happens when:

  • Host or guest has a weak and/or unstable internet connection.

  • Host or guest experiences a temporary disruption to the internet connection such as a disconnection or outage.

  • The guest leaves the Recording Page before getting the confirmation popup that their files have fully uploaded.

Less frequently, this might happen when:

  • Host or guest is doing the recording from a network that has strict security settings (for example, an office space, university, hotel, etc.) that blocks the upload.


How To Troubleshoot for Guest Files

The Unfinalized track error can be troubleshooted if:

  • The guest did not use an incognito or private browser window to record and did not close the incognito window that Zencastr was open on.

  • The guest does not clear their browser’s cache or cookies.
    ⚠️ Do not ask the guest to clear their cache or cookies, and as the host do not clear your own cache or cookies as this deletes the local backups of the files.

Try, in this order:

  1. Host asks the guest to return to the Recording Page where the episode was recorded
    ❗️If the guest left the Recording Page, they should return to it within 24 hours to prevent the file being automatically force-finalized on the Zencastr servers.

  2. Guest opens the Recording Page link on the same computer and browser they recorded on.

  3. Guest clicks the file type that says Error: Unfinalized Track on their user track

  4. Guest clicks Retry Upload to try to upload the file to the server.
    If retry upload is successful, stop here at step 4. The host and guest can both see if this was successful because the file color will change to blue and it will be available to download. If not successful, continue to step 5.

  5. Guest clicks Recover Backup to try to access the local backup.
    If the guest recovers their local backup successfully, they should send the file(s) to host by uploading it to a cloud storage account, such as Google Drive, or emailing it.

How To Troubleshoot for Host Files

  • Use the same troubleshooting steps as for the guest, making sure to do these steps within 24 hours of ending the recording to prevent your files from being automatically force-finalized on the Zencastr servers.

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