Zencastr’s Automatic Postproduction is a paid feature that enhances and mixes together the separate audio (and video) files that are recorded for you and your guests into a combined file.

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Audio Mixing

Video Mixing

Feature Pricing

Buying Postproduction Credits

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Audio Mixing

If your episode was recorded in the ‘Record Audio Only’ mode or ‘Record Audio Only, Show Video’ mode, automatic postproduction:

Video Mixing

If your episode was recorded in the 'Record Audio and Video' mode, automatic postproduction:

  • Can be run for up to 6 participants at a time.

  • Mixes together and enhances the selected participants’ audio files as described above into a combined ‘Audio Podcast’ file.

  • Also mixes together the selected participants’ enhanced audio and video files into a combined ‘Video Podcast’ file.

📝 While the video component of the platform is in open beta, the ‘Video Podcast’ file contains a Zencastr watermark.

Feature Pricing

Automatic postproduction pricing is a credits system in which:

  • A 1 hour credit = 1 hour of overall recording time run through postproduction.

    • For example, if you and 3 guests (4 participants total) record a 1 hour episode and run files for all participants through the postproduction, your account will be deducted 1 hour.

  • The professional plan includes 10 hours per month and pro users can buy additional credits as needed.

  • The hobbyist plan does not include any monthly hours but hobbyist users can buy credits as needed.

Buying Postproduction Credits

To buy postproduction credits:

  1. From the Dashboard, locate Postproduction Credits.

  2. Click Add Credits.

  3. Select the number of credits you want to buy.

  4. Click Purchase.

  5. If you do not have a credit card already linked to your Zencastr account, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete the purchase.

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What are the video layouts for the video mix?

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I have credits, now how do I produce my podcast/ run my postproduction?

See these steps to run your postproduction with standard settings.

Do unused postproduction credits expire?

If you are on the professional plan, any unused credits of your 10 hours per month do not roll over. On both the professional and hobbyist plans, any credits you buy from the Dashboard do not expire and are available forever until used.

I have an issue with a postproduction I ran. What can I do?

See this article for troubleshooting for common Automatic postproduction issues.

How can I read more in-depth about what audio enhancements are done and how?

Read Auphonic’s explanation of the different algorithms.

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