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After you have created a new show or moved an existing show to Zencastr, you can create and publish an episode.

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Creating an Episode

Episode Fields

Creating an Episode

To create an episode:

  1. Click New at the top right of the Dashboard.

  2. Select Episode from the dropdown.

  3. Click the Show Image in the middle of the top header.

  4. Select the show that the episode is for.

  5. Click Upload Recording and upload your file.

    1. Your audio file must be an MP3 file and the maximum size in 500MB.

  6. After the episode finishes uploading and processing, click Produce & Publish.

  7. Enter your episode’s details in the form on the right.

  8. Click Advanced Settings to display and complete additional fields.

  9. Click Publish Episode to publish the episode immediately to your RSS feed.
    Click Schedule Publish to schedule the episode to publish to your RSS feed at a future date and/or time.

Episode Fields

Cover image (Optional)

An image for the specific episode. This is optional because your show’s cover image is used as the default for all episodes. If you do add a specific image:

  • Must be a JPG, JPEG, or PNG file.

  • Resolution must be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.

  • Recommended resolution is 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Episode Title

The name of your episode which will display as the episode title in the directories.

Episode Description

A description of what the episode is about.

  • Will display as the full description or “episode notes” for the episode in the directories.

  • In addition to a summary or description of your episode, you can include notes, timestamps, links, or any other information you want to share with your audience.

  • We also recommend adding links to your podcast’s social media channels here if you have them.

  • The available formatting – bold text, numbered lists, and bullet points – will display on your Zencastr episode page.

  • Each directory supports different formatting and consequently might display all of it, some of it, or none of it.

Season (Optional)

The season number. Used in combination with your podcast’s show type, episode number, and episode type to determine the order the episode is listed in Apple Podcasts.

Episode (Optional)

The episode number. Used in combination with your podcast’s show type, season number, and episode type to determine the order the episode is listed in Apple Podcasts.

Keywords (Optional)

Keywords that are relevant to your episode.

Explicit content?

Whether the episode contains explicit content or not.

  • Must mark if the episode contains profanity or content not suitable for children.

  • Feeds into parental controls as well as different countries’ content permissions.

Episode type

The type of episode.

  • Full: A full-length, regular episode.

  • Trailer: A short trailer, teaser, or preview of your show’s or season’s content.

  • Bonus: An extra or special episode.

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