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Distributing Your Podcast
Getting Your Podcast on Google Podcasts
Getting Your Podcast on Google Podcasts

How to distribute/publish a new podcast on Google Podcasts.

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Use this guide to submit your new podcast to Google Podcasts.

Before You Start - Preparing

To submit to Google Podcasts you will need to have:

  • Created a show and published at least one episode to your podcast

  • Access to your Zencastr RSS Feed

  • Access to the email associated with your podcast

1. Submit RSS Feed to Google Podcasts

  1. Click Start Now.

  2. Paste your Zencastr RSS Feed in the “Enter a Podcast Feed URL” field.

  3. Click Next Step.

  4. Review your podcast details in the ‘Confirm your selection’ section.

  5. Click Next Step.

2. Verify Ownership

Next, you will verify ownership of the podcast in one of two ways.

If your podcast email matches the Google account you are signed into, verification is automatic.

If your podcast email does not match the Google account you are signed into:

  1. Click Send Code in the ‘Send Verification Code’ section.

  2. Open your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook).

  3. Copy the code in the 'Verify Ownership of Your Podcast” email.

  4. Paste the code in the ‘Enter Code’ field.

3. Submit

Click Submit in the Verify Ownership section.

What happens next: Google indexes your podcast. They have not stated how long it takes, but it usually takes a few days to a week. Once indexed, it will automatically be listed on their apps.

Add Your Google Podcasts Show Link to Zencastr

Add your Google Podcasts show link in Zencastr to keep track of where your show is distributed and to add a link to your show’s Google Podcasts listing on your Zencastr show page.

On the Google Podcast website:

  1. Search for your show

  2. Copy the link from your address bar

In Zencastr:

  1. On your Dashboard, click Shows.

  2. Click the show’s image.

  3. Click Reach.

  4. Next to Google Podcasts click +Connect.

  5. Paste the Google Podcasts show link in the field at the bottom.

  6. Click Link.

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