Getting Your Podcast on Spotify

How to distribute/publish a new podcast on Spotify.

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Use this guide to submit your new podcast to Spotify.

Before You Start - Preparing

To submit to Spotify you will need to have:

  • Created a show and published at least one episode to your podcast

  • Have an email address displayed in your RSS Feed

  • Access to your Zencastr account and RSS Feed

1. Create/Log Into Spotify Account

Creating a Spotify account is the first step to get your show listed.

2. Submit RSS Feed to Spotify

Next, submit your RSS Feed to Spotify via your Zencastr account.

In Zencastr:

  1. Click Shows on the Content page.

  2. Click the show’s image.

  3. Click Reach.

  4. Next to Spotify click +Connect.

  5. Click Submit Your Podcast to Spotify.

Result: The Spotify For Podcasters site will open. If it is your first time using it, you may need to complete some additional fields to create your account.

In Spotify:

  1. Click your dashboard.

  2. Click the 3-dot menu in the upper left.

  3. Click Add or claim your podcast.

  4. Click Get Started.

  5. Paste your Zencastr RSS Feed into the ‘Link to my RSS field’.

  6. Click Next.

3. Verify Ownership

  1. Click Send Code.

  2. Open your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook).

  3. Copy the code in the “Your Spotify For Podcasters Code” email.

  4. Paste the code in the Verification Code’ field.

  5. Click Next.

4. Complete Show Information

Complete the requested information.

  • Select the country where your podcast is made.

  • Select the primary language spoken in your podcast.

  • Select the primary category for your podcast.

  • Choose subcategories for your podcast.

5. Review and Submit

Review all the information and click Submit.

What happens next: Spotify reviews your podcast submission. It usually takes 2 to 5 days for them to review and approve your podcast. Once approved, your podcast will automatically be listed on their apps.

Add Your Spotify Show Link to Zencastr

Add your Spotify show link in Zencastr to keep track of where your show is distributed and to add a link to your show’s Spotify listing on your Zencastr show page.

In a Spotify app:

  1. On your show page click the 3-dot icon.

  2. Click Share.

  3. Click Copy Show Link.

In Zencastr:

  1. On your Dashboard, click Shows.

  2. Click the show’s image.

  3. Click Reach.

  4. Next to Apple Podcasts click +Connect.

  5. Paste the Spotify show link in the field at the bottom

  6. Click Link.

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