Zencastr Produce is a paid feature that enhances and mixes together the separate audio (and video) files for you and your guests into a combined file.

This guide shows how to run a postproduction for recordings done in the 'Record Audio. No Video' mode or the 'Record Audio. Show Video' mode.

In this article:

Before You Produce Your Podcast

1. Opening Produce

2. Adjusting Settings

3. Running the Postproduction

4. Getting and Downloading Postproduction Files

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Before You Produce Your Podcast

1. Opening Produce

To open Produce:

  1. From your Dashboard, on the Rooms tab click the Produce button next to any room name.
    From a recording page, click the Create Your Podcast button.

  2. On the Produce page, make sure the right recording name and number is selected on the right under Recordings.

2. Adjusting Settings

Click the Edit button on the Produce page to display and adjust postproduction settings. If you prefer to use the default settings, skip to step 3.

Adjusting Participants and Smart Filters

On the Edit tab:

  • Under People, select/unselect participants for the postproduction.

  • If you have a paid plan, under Smart Filters you can configure the filler words and long pauses filters.

Adjusting Audio Settings

On the Audio tab:

  • Leave the default audio enhancements as they are.

  • Click Advanced Audio Settings to enable or disable the individual audio enhancements

  • If you have a paid plan, you can also select the final mix file format as MP3 or WAV and select separate tracks here.

Adjusting Video Settings

On the Video tab:

  • Leave the default video settings as they are.

  • Under Video, select the desired layout.

  • Under Watermark, adjust the position, scale, and transparency of the Zencastr watermark, or if you have a paid plan, you can remove it (and upload your own).

  • Under Participants, click on an individual’s name to upload an image for their video placeholder.

Finalizing Settings

Click the blue checkmark in the top right corner of the editor to finalize your setting changes.

3. Running the Postproduction

To start the postproduction:

  1. Click Produce & Download.

  2. Select an aspect ratio for the video mix.

Result: The postproduction will begin to run as soon as you select an aspect ratio and the necessary amount of credits will be deducted from your credits balance.

4. Getting and Downloading Podcast Files

Once the postproduction is running you can either close the Produce page or stay on it. The postproduction will run in the background and you will receive an email when it completes.

To download your files after closing the Produce Page:

  1. Click the Download button in the “Your Postproduction Is Complete” email and you are taken to the login page.

  2. Login and you are taken to your Recording Page.

  3. On the Podcast Mixes track click ‘Download Audio Podcast’ and ‘Download Video Podcast’.

Result: The individual files will download to your computer.

To download your files from the Produce page:

  1. Make sure the right recording name and number is selected on the right under Recordings.

  2. Click Postproductions.

  3. Click the 3-dot menu on your postproduction.

  4. Click Download.

Result: A zip file will download to your computer.

Related Questions

How long does it take for the postproduction to finish?

Postproductions normally finish in under an hour. The exact amount of time can vary depending on the recording length and the number of participants selected.

I have an issue with a postproduction I ran. What can I do?

See this article for troubleshooting for common Automatic postproduction issues.

I don’t need the video mix, can I turn this off?

At this time, it is not possible to turn off the video mix. However, you will get separate audio and video files so that you can use only the mix(es) you need. Also, postproduction credits are deducted based on the overall recording time and not based on the number of files included in the postproduction.

How can I learn more about other Produce settings?

Check out our Producing With Zencastr video podcast for short tutorials on specific features of Produce.

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