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Selecting Cameras

How the host can select their camera on the recording page.

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To view video in the ‘Record Audio, Show Video’ mode and to both view and record video in the ‘Record Audio and Video’ mode, Zencastr requires access to both the host’s and the guests’ cameras.

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Internal vs. External Cameras

The key difference between an internal microphone and an external microphone is:

  • Internal cameras are built-in to the body or monitor of your laptop or desktop computer.

  • External cameras are attached to the computer, usually using a USB port.

When deciding which to use yourself / which to advise your guests to use, keep in mind:

  • Most external cameras record in higher quality than internal cameras.

  • Your camera’s resolution determines the maximum possible resolution of your video recording. For example, to record in 1080p you need a 1080p camera.

  • Camera settings and video recording resolution is per participant. For example, if you have a 1080p camera and your settings enabled to record in 1080p and your guest has a 720p camera, then your video recording will be in 1080p while your guest’s video recording will be in 720p.

How to Select a Camera in Zencastr

Zencastr automatically detects and uses your computer’s default camera. To change this:

  1. From your Dashboard, click the Sessions tab.

  2. Under the ‘My Sessions’ list, click the name of the session.

  3. Click the Join Session button.

  4. On the top right of the Recording Page, click Call Settings.

  5. Under Camera, select your camera.

  6. To record in the maximum resolution possible on your plan, make sure the Record in maximum quality toggle is turned on (it’s on by default).

  7. Click Done.

How to Allow Camera Access in Chrome

When logging into Zencastr for the first time, a popup will prompt you to allow camera access. Click Allow.

Additionally, if prompted, you may need to enable Chrome to access the camera in your computer’s privacy settings.

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