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Understanding Recording Time Limits on the Free Plan
Understanding Recording Time Limits on the Free Plan
How the recording time limit works on the Free/Hobbyist plan. What “2 hours of audio and video recording” means.
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On March 18, 2023, the recording limit on the Free plan (formerly the called "Hobbyist" plan) became 2 hours of audio and video recording per month.

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How many hours can I record on the Free plan?

The Free plan allows users to record 2 hours of audio and video per month. The number of hours is calculated based on the total time recorded in the month.

For example, if you have 1 host and 2 guests (3 participants total), and you record a session that lasts 1 hour, this will count as 1 hour towards your monthly limit.

When do my hours renew? When does my month start and end?

As the Free plan transitions to this new limit, hours currently renew on the first of each calendar month at 00:00 UTC. Therefore, the current “recording month” is May 1st to May 31st, 00:00 UTC (convert the start date to your timezone here).

How can I check how much time I have left?

Open any room to check how much time you have left in the month. The remaining minutes are displayed at the top right of the recording page. Once you start a recording, the time remaining will automatically begin counting down.

Will unused time carry over?

No, any unused recording time does not carry over to the next recording month.

What happens to my recording session if I go over the time limit?

We understand how important having a smooth recording session is, so we won’t ever force cut off or stop your recording while it is in progress.

Instead, 5 minutes before you reach your monthly limit, an alert that your time is running low will display on the recording page. You can then choose to stop the recording or let it continue. If you let it continue and in doing so, go over the monthly limit, please see below for additional considerations for your files.

What happens to my files if I go over the time limit?

If you exceed the monthly limit, you will be unable to download your files until your next recording month begins. If you upgrade to a paid plan at any time, you can download your files immediately.

What if I need more recording time? Can I purchase additional time one-off?

If you record more than 2 hours monthly, subscribe to any of our paid plans for unlimited audio and video recording. On the Free plan, the limit is 2 hours per month and there is no option to purchase additional time on a one-off basis.

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