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Zencastr Affiliate Program
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Welcome to the Zencastr Affiliate Program! This guide introduces you to the program and addresses frequently asked questions.

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About the Zencastr Referral Program

This introductory section offers a fundamental overview, providing essential insights into key aspects of the program.

What is the Zencastr referral program?

The Zencastr referral program is perfect for podcasters, video content creators, and anyone interested in sharing our recording, clipping, and video editing content creation toolkit. If you’d like to get started, follow the steps here.

Is there a minimum number of signups required to participate?

There is no specific minimum number of signups required to participate as an affiliate. As long as you comply with the program's guidelines and successfully sign up for the program, you can begin participating and earning commissions on qualifying referrals.

Where can I share my unique link to promote Zencastr?

You can integrate your unique link into various content formats such as video content, podcasts, social media posts, or newsletters. Share your experience with Zencastr and encourage your audience to try it out using your referral link. If you’d like to edit your unique link, follow this guide here.

Where can I access the Media Kit to assist with promoting Zencastr?

You can find our logos and reference points here, perfect for integrating into your podcast ads, social media posts, or newsletter content.

Are there any restrictions on how I can promote Zencastr products as an affiliate?

Yes, there are several restrictions, including prohibitions on promoting referral links or coupon codes on coupon sites, posting on official Zencastr social media platforms to drive traffic to personal sites, and offering unauthorized discounts or promotions.

Additionally, using your affiliate link in any paid media, such as search engine ads or Facebook ads, is not allowed as it may compete with Zencastr marketing efforts and cause confusion for potential customers.

Failure to comply may result in suspension or removal from the program. Additionally, Zencastr reserves the right to reverse commissions, withhold payments, or terminate the agreement if violations occur.

The full Zencastr Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions can be viewed here. Please review the full version of this agreement before signing up for the program

Can I use the Zencastr Affiliate Program to earn commission on Zencastr plans for personal use?

No, self-referral for personal use is not permitted under the Zencastr Affiliate Program.

What products are eligible for earning commissions under the Zencastr Affiliate Program?

Eligible products include all Zencastr Paid Plans available for monthly or annual subscription. Custom-priced packages that are not self-service are not eligible.

What happens if I fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the Zencastr Affiliate Program?

Failure to comply may result in suspension or removal from the program. Additionally, Zencastr reserves the right to reverse commissions, withhold payments, or terminate the agreement if violations occur.

TL;DR of Zencastr Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions:

  • By signing up for the Zencastr Affiliate Program, you agree to all terms and conditions.

  • You must be over 18 years old to join and comply with the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

  • Zencastr can approve or reject your application at its discretion.

  • Self-referral for personal product discounts is not allowed.

  • You earn commissions on specific Zencastr paid plans for new customers.

  • Commissions are 20% for up to 12 months on eligible product sales.

  • Payments are made via PayPal in USD with a minimum payout of $50.

  • Zencastr can reverse commissions for certain reasons, like refunds or fraud.

  • Promotional materials and links must align with Zencastr's guidelines.

  • You must follow strict rules when promoting Zencastr products.

  • Zencastr can use your name and created content for marketing.

  • Governing law for this agreement is the State of Delaware.

  • This agreement does not create an employment relationship.

  • The agreement can be modified or terminated by Zencastr at any time.

The full Zencastr Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions can be viewed here. Please review the full version of this agreement before signing up for the program.

What happens if my affiliate account becomes inactive?

If your affiliate account remains inactive (no logins or transactions) for six months and your balance is below the minimum payout threshold, Zencastr reserves the right to remove the account and forfeit any accumulated commissions below the threshold.

I am part of the Creator Network and already have a Zencastr CPA Offer in my Dashboard. Is this different from the Zencastr Affiliate Program?

Yes, they are different programs tailored to different promotion methods and commission structures:

Zencastr CPA Program:

  • Offers a one-time flat-rate commission.

  • Provides a discount for the referred customer.

  • Ideal for podcast hosts aiming to promote Zencastr through podcast host-read ads using a unique coupon code.

  • Currently, only via invitation

Zencastr Affiliate Program:

  • Offers a longer commission period of 12 months.

  • Does not provide a discount to the referred customer.

  • Utilizes a shareable referral link to track redemptions and earn commissions.

  • Perfect for you if you’d like to refer a user to Zencastr! Anyone can join this program.

Both programs enable you to earn commissions and monetize your audience, supporting your growth as a creator in different ways.

Getting Started

We're excited to have you join the Zencastr Affiliate Program. This guide will assist you in starting your journey by covering key topics such as signing up, changing your URL, and leveraging link shorteners for more effective sharing. Let's get started!

How can I sign up?

  1. Visit the Signup Page: Click on the “Sign Up Now” button on the Zencastr Affiliate Program page or go directly to Zencastr's Rewardful signup page.

  2. Enter Your Details: Fill out the required information, including your name, email address, and password.

  3. Agree to Terms: Review the terms and conditions of the Zencastr Affiliate Program before signing up.

  4. Submit Your Application: Click on the "Sign Up" button to submit your affiliate program application.

  5. Confirmation Email: Check your email inbox for a confirmation message from Zencastr's affiliate platform. Follow the instructions to verify your email address.

  6. Access Your Affiliate Dashboard: Once verified, log in to your affiliate dashboard using your login credentials.

  7. Start Sharing: Retrieve your unique referral link and promotional materials from the dashboard. Begin promoting Zencastr to your audience and start earning commissions!

This step-by-step guide should help creators navigate the process of signing up for the Zencastr Affiliate Program seamlessly using either of the provided signup links. If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the signup process, don't hesitate to reach out to Zencastr's Affiliate Support Team for assistance by emailing us at [email protected].

How can I change my Referral Link?

⚠️Warning: Changing your affiliate URL will render your old Referral Link inactive.

  1. Access Your Affiliate Dashboard: Log in to the Zencastr Affiliate Program Dashboard using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Links Section: Scroll down to the "Links” section. This is where you can manage your affiliate URLs.

  3. Locate the Referral Link you want to change: If you have multiple referral links, locate the one you want to change and click on “Edit Link”.

  4. Enter the New Affiliate URL: Enter the new affiliate URL or referral link that you want to use. This could be a custom name or a revised version of your existing link.

  5. Save Your Changes: After entering the new URL, make sure to save your changes. Click on the "Update Link" button to apply the new URL to your account.

  6. Verify the Updated Affiliate URL: Once saved, verify that your affiliate referral link has been successfully updated. You can do this by copying the new URL from the “Links” section and testing it in a web browser.

  7. Update Your Promotion Channels: After changing your affiliate URL, ensure that you update any existing promotions or marketing materials (e.g., website links, social media posts) with the new URL to ensure continuity in tracking referrals.

  8. Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on your affiliate dashboard to monitor the performance of your updated affiliate URL. Track clicks, conversions, and commissions generated through the new link.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about changing your affiliate URL, reach out to Zencastr's Affiliate Support Team via [email protected].

Can I use link shorteners for sharing my referral links?

Yes, you can use link shorteners to share your Unique Referral Link. Rewardful, our tracking service, will still be able to track clicks and attribute them to your account accurately. We’ve made a guide for you here.

Payment, Commissions, and Tracking

Explore our guide for answers to frequently asked questions about payments, commissions, and tracking.

How are commissions calculated and paid under the Zencastr Affiliate Program?

Affiliates earn a base standard commission rate of 20% of eligible products. Commissions are paid via PayPal in USD, with a minimum payout threshold of $50. Payments are made 30 days after the sale of an eligible product.

How much can I earn?



Note: Remember that the commission is a one-time payment based on the initial sale for annual plans and is paid out for consecutive monthly renewals up to 12 months for monthly plans, provided the referral remains active.

These calculations give you an idea of the potential earnings you could make as a Zencastr Affiliate based on the different subscription plans that customers purchase using your unique referral link. The actual earnings will depend on the number of successful referrals and the type of plans purchased by customers through your affiliate link.

How often are payouts made?

Payouts are processed on the 15th of every month. Your earnings will reflect any refunds within a 30-day period from the time a sale is made. Please be sure to fill out your PayPal information in your Rewardful dashboard. Login here to verify your information.

What does the 60-day cookie window mean?

The 60-day cookie window refers to the duration during which a referral is tracked and attributed to you as an affiliate after someone clicks on your unique referral link. Specifically:

  • When a user clicks on your unique referral link to Zencastr, a cookie is placed in their web browser.

  • This cookie remains active for 60 days.

  • If the user subscribes to Zencastr within this 60-day period, the system recognizes the cookie and attributes the sale to you as the affiliate.

  • You earn a commission for this referral, even if the user doesn't subscribe immediately after clicking your link but completes the purchase within the 60-day window.

In summary, the 60-day cookie window allows you to receive credit for referrals over an extended period, giving your audience ample time to explore Zencastr before making a purchase while still ensuring you earn commissions for qualifying referrals.

What does the 12-month continuous commission mean?

We provide excellent benefits if your referral becomes a long-term user. As long as your referrals remain subscribed, you'll continue to earn monthly commissions for up to 12 months for monthly paid plans. However, if your referral signs up for a 12-month plan, you earn a commission for the entire sale amount upfront, and you will not receive monthly commissions thereafter.

What happens when a referral is canceled?

When a referral is canceled or downgraded to a free tier within the 30-day window, any earned commission may be reversed, as per the Zencastr Affiliate Program terms and conditions. For example, if the customer stays on a paid plan for one month, you'll earn a 20% commission on that sale. However, if they downgrade in the second month, you won't receive further commissions for the remaining 12-month continuous earning period.

For inquiries about canceled referrals, contact [email protected].

My Rewardful Dashboard shows a conversion, but it’s not showing up on my Commissions page.

If you see a discrepancy between the conversion displayed in your dashboard and the Commissions page, it's possible that the user you referred to may have downgraded their plan within the 30-day cancellation and refund window.

You can review the plan type of your referrals on the Zencastr referral dashboard here: Zencastr Referrals. If a user downgrades to a non-paid plan within the 30-day window, no commission would be earned for that referral.

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