Zencastr saves a local backup of each of your and your guests’ recording files on a portion of your computer’s hard drive allotted for web browser applications. These backups allow you and your guests to recover your files in the event there is an issue with the upload to the cloud. Having at least 10GB free helps ensure that Zencastr has the necessary space to save the backups. This is especially important if you plan to record video.


The quota available for local backups is below the recommended level.


If the participant has less than 10GB of free disk space on their computer, clearing off more disk space and then restarting the browser will help solve this issue.

If the problem persists or or the participant has more than 10GB free and is still seeing this warning, then they may have already used the quota in past Zencastr recordings. They can clear out any past backups by following the instructions here: Archiving Rooms

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