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I have multiple tracks for each participant. What do I do now?
I have multiple tracks for each participant. What do I do now?

Step-by-step instructions on how to take your individual tracks and prepare them so you can release your content online.

Updated over a week ago

Zencastr records separate audio and video tracks for all your participants in each recording session. And if everything goes smoothly (which it usually does), each participant's track should contain the full, complete recording.

However, there are situations where a participant's recording is separated into multiple sections or parts. So, instead of having one MP3, WAV or MOV file with their entire recording, you have multiple tracks that are shorter in length. This can happen if someone accidentally leaves the recording page, if they have a weak internet connection and become disconnected, or if their computer is unstable. If a participant leaves the recording page and comes back, a new track is created for them. This is how you get multiple tracks for the same person. Bummer, I know.

Here are some practical steps to take- if this happens to you. 😁

  1. Don't panic. In most cases, you still have all the files you need. You just need to arrange the clips properly.

  2. Don't run automatic post-production. If you typically run your files through Zencastr's post-production system, you'll need to find another solution for this episode because there's no way to properly line-up the tracks unless all of the tracks start and stop at the same time.

  3. Download all your tracks, or grab them from your cloud drive. Gather all your tracks together to prep for the next step. It's also a good idea to rename your tracks so you know the correct order and the conversation make sense when you start putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  4. Use a third-party editing program to manually line-up your video and audio tracks. You'll need to do some basic editing to line up your tracks correctly. Start stacking your tracks for each participant, one on top of the other. If a participant has multiple tracks, line them up in sequential order- side-by-side on the timeline. There's bound to be small gaps in audio in between your tracks, so be sure to play the audio on the timeline so you can adjust the tracks as needed.

  5. Export and Upload. When everything is lined up correctly, export everything so you have one single audio or video file. Then, take that file and upload it to your podcast host provider, and/or favorite video sharing site.

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