After the host stops the recording, each participant needs to stay on the recording page until their files have finished uploading and they receive a confirmation pop-up on their screen.

The host sees this confirmation pop-up when their own files have finished uploading:

Guests each see this confirmation pop-up when their files have finished uploading:

As each guest receives the confirmation pop-up, they can individually leave/close the recording page on their computer.

The host’s Recording Page will show that a guest’s files have finished uploading when on the guest’s track all files turn solid blue with download arrows (not when a file says 100% Uploaded). The host may want to stay on the recording page until all guests’ files have finished uploading to monitor the progress.

If a guest leaves before their files finish uploading, the host will get an unfinalized track error for their files and the guest will need to come back to the recording page to do troubleshooting steps for unfinalized tracks.

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