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Inviting Guests from the iOS App
Inviting Guests from the iOS App

How to invite guests to your recording from the Zencastr iOS app. Properties of recording links.

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After you’ve created a room, invite your guests to join your recording. Recordings are not scheduled in Zencastr for specific dates and times, so you can invite guests to join you in the room’s Recording Page anytime.

The steps below are for the mobile app for iPhone and iPad. See this article to invite guests from your computer browser.

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Link Properties

The link to a room’s Recording Page:

  • Is always formatted[account username]/[room name].
    • Example:
  • Does not expire.

  • Can be accessed at any time by anyone who you share it with.

Inviting Guests Via iOS App

To invite your guests by sending the link to the Recording Page in your own email or text message:

  1. Log in to your Zencastr account on the iOS app.

  2. From the mobile dashboard, click Join on a room.

  3. Click the people icon in the bottom left corner.

  4. Click the +Invite button.

  5. Scroll to locate the app you wish to send the invite with.
    Note: If your app isn’t listed, scroll to the right and click More to see additional apps.

  6. Click the app’s icon.

  7. Edit the invite text as necessary, keeping the recording link and 5-digit code.

  8. Enter your recipients.

  9. Send the invite.

Related Questions

How do I send my guests a formatted invite email with Zencastr as the sender?

To send your guests a formatted invite email with Zencastr as the sender, log into your account on your computer browser and follow these instructions.

My guest says they need a 5-digit code to join the recording from their iOS app. Where do I find that code?

Guests can join a recording on the iOS app with a recording link or a 5-digit code. You can find the 5-digit code for a specific room within the invitation text. To get the code, hosts can send open the room on the iOS app or computer browser and send themself an invite. Guests joining a recording using their computers do not need to enter a code anywhere; they simply click on the recording link.

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