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What Is Teams?
What Is Teams?

What the Teams feature is, benefits of using it, and roles for team members.

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Teams simplifies collaborative content creation by enabling multiple individuals to work together within one account efficiently.

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Benefits of Teams

Teams provides an account owner the flexibility to grant access to specific sections of their account that they designate, offering:

  1. Secure Access Management

    1. Controlled Access Sharing: Share Zencastr account access without disclosing sensitive login or billing information.

    2. Exclusive Account Control: The account owner has sole control over adding or removing team members, ensuring account security.

  2. Precise Role-Based Permissions

    1. Area-based Access: Allocate specific roles to grant team members access to only the platform areas and features necessary for their tasks.

    2. Show-based Access: Assign team members to specific shows, limiting their access to podcasts or projects they're involved in.

  3. Efficient Collaboration

    1. Centralized Visibility: The account owner has a comprehensive view of all ongoing activities within the account, streamlining oversight.

    2. Simultaneous Recording: Facilitate concurrent recording sessions by different groups of individuals.

    3. Concurrent Postproductions: Run postproductions for distinct recordings concurrently for workflow efficiency.

  4. Billing Control and Management

    1. Exclusive Billing Access: The account owner maintains sole access to all billing settings, including card information, ensuring complete control and management of their Zencastr subscription.

Number of Team Members

The Teams feature is available on the Scale plan or higher. The number of additional team members, besides the account owner, depends on the plan chosen.


Additional Team Members


Up to 2


Up to 4

Roles for Team Members

There are 7 area-based roles available for team assignment, each with access to specific areas of the platform. Team members must be assigned at least one role and can be assigned multiple roles.

Account Owner

Distinct from the 7 assigned roles, the account owner is the person who creates the Zencastr account under their email address. This person has access to the entire account and all areas of the platform including Account Settings, Recording, Editing, Hosting, Clipping, and Monetization. The account owner is the only person who can access the Account Settings to manage their subscription, team members, and master recording settings.


Access to all platform areas, similar to the account owner, except for Account Settings.


Access to features within the Recording area, enabling team members to create recording rooms, send recording invites, record audio and video, and download recording, post-production, and transcription files.


Access to features within the Editing area, enabling team members to run postproductions and download recording, post-production, and transcription files.


Access to specific features within the Hosting area, enabling team members to upload media files and create, schedule, and publish episodes.


Access to features within the Clipping area, enabling team members to create and download clips and post clips to social media.


Access to a specific feature within the Hosting area, enabling team members the ability to view podcast analytics.


Access to features within the Monetization area, enabling team members to view and accept ad offers and review monetization analytics.

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