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What Is Zencastr Editing?
What Is Zencastr Editing?

Discover how Zencastr Editing can refine your recordings with audio and video enhancements and text-based editing tools.

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Zencastr Editing is a paid feature that enhances and combines your separate recorded audio and video files into a polished mixed file. Select and apply audio and video enhancements so your mix sounds and looks great. With text-based editing, adjust the transcript to make cuts to your mix.

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Editing Capabilities

Zencastr Editing can be used for any recording done on Zencastr for up to 6 participants at a time. Mixing with audio and video enhancements is available for recordings in all languages. Text-based editing is available for recordings done in English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Audio Mixing

For recordings done in all modes, Zencastr Editing combines the selected participants’ audio files into a single, polished audio mix. It applies various audio enhancement algorithms, including leveling, noise and hum reduction, and loudness normalization, to ensure high-quality sound. If you will be doing further editing elsewhere, you can also get separate enhanced tracks for each participant. You can configure AI-powered smart filters to automatically remove long pauses (for recordings in all languages) and filler words (for recordings in English) from the mix. Additionally, you can add a pre-recorded intro or outro to your audio mix for a more professional touch. These features ensure your audio is crisp and clear, making your final mix sound its best.

Video Mixing

For recordings done in the ‘Record Audio and Video’ mode, Zencastr Editing mixes the selected participants’ audio and video files into a single, polished video mix. This is in addition to the audio mixing described above. You can choose from various layouts and aspect ratios to customize the final look of your video mix. There are also options to add a background to the combined video, apply AI face centering to keep participants focused in their frames, and add your own logo or watermark to the mix. The individual participants’ videos can also be adjusted within the layout. For recordings done in the Record Audio. No Video mode or Record Audio. Show Video mode, because individual videos weren’t recorded in these modes, images can be uploaded for each participant or a master image, GIF, or video can be uploaded for the entire video mix. These features give you the ability to create visually engaging content that suits your needs.

Note: Users on the legacy Hobbyist and Creator+ plans will have a Zencastr watermark on the final video mix. Users on paid plans can remove the Zencastr watermark and even add their own watermark/logo.

Text-Based Editing

Zencastr Editing includes powerful text-based editing features (for recordings in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish) that let you refine your audio and video mixes using an automatically generated transcript. You can correct words in the transcript without changing the mix, ensuring accuracy in your final transcript and clip captions. You can also remove words or entire segments from both the transcript and the media, allowing you to cut out unwanted parts from your mix effortlessly. If you want to just mute certain words or segments in the audio without making cuts to the mix you can do that too, giving you control over what your audience hears. On top of that, you can create manual clips by highlighting text in the transcript to define segments, making it simple to produce shorter, focused videos. These features help you edit easily and accurately.

Editing Pricing

Zencastr Editing operates on postproduction credits. All Zencastr paid plans come with a monthly allowance of these credits, enabling you to use the editing features as needed. For more information about credits, including calculations and purchasing additional credits, see this article.

Related Questions

How do I edit my recording/run my postproduction?

To use editing to run a postproduction for a recording done in the ‘Record Audio, No Video’ or ‘Record Audio, Show Video’ modes, see this guide. To run a postproduction for a recording done in the ‘Record Audio and Video’ mode, see this guide.

Can I upload a file that I recorded elsewhere to edit?

Yes, you can upload a file that was not recorded on Zencastr, but the editing features available will be more limited. This is because Zencastr cannot read source file information such as individual participants from audio and video not recorded on the platform at the moment. For uploaded files, you can use most of the text-based editing features, including AI-powered smart filters, transcript editing, and manual clipping if the language is English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish. However, you will not be able to apply most of the video, and especially audio, enhancements to uploaded files. Additionally, only a single file can be uploaded at a time, as Zencastr Editing does not support multitrack editing. Despite these limitations, you can still save time and effort by easily editing your content with text-based editing.

I have an issue with a postproduction I ran. What can I do?

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