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What’s the difference between shows, sessions, episodes, and clips?
What’s the difference between shows, sessions, episodes, and clips?
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On your Dashboard, the sidebar menu has tabs for Show, Sessions, Episodes, and Clips.


A show is the workspace for your creative projects. Upon signing up for a Zencastr account, you're prompted to either create a new show or copy an existing one. Podcasters with shows hosted elsewhere can copy their show without impacting its availability, audience, or changing hosting providers. Those starting a new podcast on Zencastr or creating other types of content can create a new show instead.

All your sessions, episodes, and clips are tied to your show for efficient management. With a paid plan that has teams, you can also create multiple shows to categorize different projects and invite others to access all or specific shows for collaboration.


Sessions are dedicated spaces for recording and organizing media files. Use Sessions to record on Zencastr or upload files, preparing them for editing, clipping, or podcast episode publication.


Episodes are content associated with a podcast. For podcasters hosting their shows on Zencastr, the Episodes tab is where you create, publish, and manage your podcast episodes. For podcasters whose podcast is connected but not hosted on Zencastr, the Episodes tab will show copies of your episodes, but your original episodes are still created, published, and managed on your hosting platform. If you are not a podcaster, you will not have episodes.


Clips are short segments or excerpts taken from longer audio or video recordings.

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