How The Warning Shows

Before recording, the host or guest may see the health check says ‘Warning’ in yellow/orange on their track and in the health check drop down there is a yellow/orange dot next to ‘the pending recording must be successfully created and saved to the database’.

What The Warning Means

The recording has not been saved to the Zencastr database. This is an infrequent, internal error where the recording wasn’t stored properly.


The host should try in this order:

1. Refresh the Zencastr page

  • Sometimes just having all participants refresh and then rejoin the recording page can clear the warning. If not, try the next step.

    • Note: when a guest refreshes their page they will be taken to the green room and should rejoin the recording page by clicking Join Recording.

2. Create a new episode and invite any guests to join you to record in the new episode.

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