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Distributing Your Podcast
Submitting Your Podcast For Distribution
Submitting Your Podcast For Distribution

What you need to submit a new podcast to popular podcast directories Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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After you’ve created a new podcast, get it into the hands of listeners by submitting it to podcast directories.

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What Is A Podcast Directory?

A podcast directory is a website or app that lists and categorizes podcasts. Most directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, are also where people listen to, search for, and follow/subscribe to podcasts.

What Do I Need To Get My Podcasts on Directories?

To submit your podcast to most directories, you will need to have:

It is important to note that the above are the minimum requirements. Specific directories may have additional requirements.

How Do I Get My Podcast On Directories?

Get your podcast listed on various directories by submitting your show’s RSS Feed. You will only need to submit your feed to each directory one time. Once your podcast is listed on a particular directory, it will update your podcast’s listing with your new episodes by reading your RSS feed.

See these articles for detailed instructions on how to submit to:

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