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Managing Guest Interactions
Managing Guest Interactions

How hosts can manage guests while recording - muting mics, turning off cameras, dismissing hand raises, and kicking out guests.

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For hosts, Zencastr provides several options to manage their guests before and while recording.

📝 The ‘Record Audio and Video’ recording mode is shown below. The same actions are available for the other two modes, except turning off a guest’s camera which is not available in the ‘Record Audio Only’ mode as there is no video in this mode.

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Muting A Guest’s Microphone

To mute a guest’s microphone, click the microphone icon on the guest’s track.

📝 Once a guest is muted, only they can unmute themself from their view of the Recording Page. A host cannot unmute a guest. This is for privacy reasons.

Turning Off A Guest’s Camera

To turn off a guest’s camera, click the camera icon on the guest’s track.

📝 Once a guest’s camera is off, only they can turn their camera back on from their view of the Recording Page. A host cannot turn a guest’s camera on. This is for privacy reasons.

Dismissing A Guest’s Hand Raise

To dismiss a guest’s hand raise, click the hand icon on the guest’s track or click the ‘[name] has something to say’ message on the guest’s video tile.

Kicking Out A Guest

On occasion, you may need to either:

  • Kick out a guest who is in green room but hasn’t joined the Recording Page so that you can start a recording

  • Kick a guest out of a recording that is in progress

To kick out a guest:

  1. Locate the guest’s user track.
    Note: If the guest is still in the greenroom the name will be ‘Guest’

  2. Click on the guest’s name.

  3. Click Kick out guest.

  4. Click Confirm on the pop-up.

Result: The guest is kicked out of the Recording Page. On the guest’s end, they get a message that they were kicked out of the call by the host.

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