My Guest Keeps Getting Disconnected

What to check and do when a guest repeatedly gets disconnected/drops off during a recording.

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During a recording, a guest might get disconnected or drop off several times.

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During a recording, a guest gets disconnected from or drops off the Recording Page several times without warning.


When you and your guests meet on a Zencastr Recording Page, you are connected to one another via an encrypted VoIP call. The VoIP call allows everyone to hear and see each other but is not what is recorded.

Disconnections/drop offs from the VoIP call most frequently happen when:

  • Host or guest has a slow or unstable internet connection.

Less frequently, this might happen when:

  • Host or guest has browser security extensions installed that block Zencastr.

  • Host or guest is connecting from a network that has strict security settings (e.g. a company, university, hotel, etc.) that blocks Zencastr.


The guest tries in this order:

1. Do a speed test to make sure the internet connection meets the minimum requirement of at least 10 Mbps for both the download and upload speed.

  • The guest runs a speed test using this link.

  • If the internet connection doesn’t meet the 10 Mbps download and upload speed minimum, this can be difficult to address in the moment but the guest could try:

    • Connecting to a different network

    • Connecting to a hardwired network

2. Disable browser security extensions.

On Chrome

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click the 3-dot menu icon.

  3. Select More Tools.

  4. Select Extensions.

  5. On the extension, slide the toggle to the left.

3. If the guest is connecting from a company or educational space, they should reach out to their IT team to have them verify that Zencastr is not blocked by a firewall or other security settings.

4. Contact Zencastr Support

If none of the above steps work, contact Zencastr Support via chat or email.

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