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What Is Produce?
What Is Produce?

What Zencastr Produce/Create Your Podcast does, pricing, and how to buy credits.

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Zencastr Produce is a paid feature that enhances and mixes together the separate audio (and video) files for you and your guests into a combined file.

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Produce Capabilities

Produce can be used for any recording done on Zencastr for up to 6 participants at a time. Audio and video mixing is included for users on all plans, with additional advanced features available to users on paid plans.

Audio Mixing

For recordings done in all modes, Produce mixes together the selected participants’ audio files into a single audio file. To make the final mix sound great, Produce also applies a number of enhancement algorithms to the audio, including leveling, noise and hum reduction, and loudness normalization. The majority of these enhancements can be enabled or disabled as needed.

Users on paid plans also have access to Smart Filters, AI-powered tools that automatically identify and remove long pauses (for recordings in all languages) and common filler words (for English-language recordings). Users on paid plans additionally can get separate WAV files with the audio enhancements applied.

Video Mixing

For recordings done in the 'Record Audio and Video' mode, Produce mixes the selected participants’ audio and video files with a selectable layout into a single video file. This is in addition to the audio mixing described above. The positioning, size, and transparency of the individual videos within the layout can also be adjusted. And there are more video settings that can be adjusted to make your final mix look great!

For recordings done in the 'Record Audio. No Video mode' or 'Record Audio. Show Video' mode, Produce also mixes the selected participants’ audio into a single video file. Because individual videos weren’t recorded in these modes, images can be uploaded for each participant or a master image can be uploaded for the entire mix.

Note: Users on free plans will have a Zencastr watermark on the final video mix. Users on paid plans can remove the Zencastr watermark and even add their own watermark/logo.

Produce Pricing

Produce pricing is a credits system in which:

  • A 1 hour credit = 1 hour of overall recording time run through Produce

    • For example, if you and 3 guests (4 participants total) record both audio and video for 1 hour and you run postproduction on that recording, your account will be deducted 1 credit.

  • The Creator+, Professional, Growth, Thought Leader, and Network plans include a fixed number of hours per month and users can buy additional credits as needed.

  • The Hobbyist plan does not include any monthly hours but users can buy credits as needed.

Buying Postproduction Credits

To buy postproduction credits:

  1. From your Dashboard, Rooms tab, locate a Room that has a recording.

  2. Click the Produce button to the right of the Room name.

  3. Click the arrow next to Credits Cost.

  4. In the Your Credits section, click Add.

  5. Select the number of credits you want to buy.

  6. Click Purchase.

Note: If you do not have a credit card already linked to your Zencastr account, you will need to add one to complete the purchase.

Result: The card is charged and the credits are added to your account immediately.

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I have credits, now how do I create my podcast/run my postproduction?

To run a postproduction for a recording done in the 'Record Audio. No Video' or 'Record Audio. Show Video' modes, see this guide. To run a postproduction for a recording done in the 'Record Audio and Video' mode, see this guide.

Do unused postproduction credits expire?

For plans with a monthly allowance of credits, any unused credits of that allowance do not roll over. However, any credits you buy separately do not expire and are available forever until used.

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How can I learn more about other Produce settings?

Check out our Produce With Zencastr video podcast for short tutorials on specific features of Produce.

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