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I Can’t Hear My Guest

What to check and do when before recording the host can’t hear the guest speaking or vice versa, the guest can’t hear the host speaking.

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For recordings with 2 participants, the host is unable to hear the guest, or vice versa. Or for recordings with 3+ participants, 1 participant cannot be heard by anyone.

For recordings with 3+ participants, if 1 participant is able to be heard/seen by at least 1 other participant but not by the other participant(s) please see this article for troubleshooting.

In this article:


The host and a guest are both able to meet in the Recording Page but when the guest speaks the host is unable to hear them.


This most frequently happens when:

  • One or more participants has the wrong device selected as their audio input (i.e. microphone) and/or audio output (i.e. speakers or headphones) in the Zencastr settings.

  • The speakers or headphones are connected to the wrong device.

Less frequently, this might happen when:

  • There is a problem with the actual microphone, speakers, and/or headphones.

  • Host or guest has a slow or unstable internet connection.


The host and guest try in this order:

1. The host checks the waveform on the guest’s track while they speak.

a. If the guest’s waveform moves when
the guest speaks...

b. If the guest’s waveform does not
move when the guest speaks...

  • The host should check their Zencastr Settings and make sure the correct device (speakers or headphones) is selected as the audio output and the volume is on and turned up to an audible level.

    • To change a device, the host clicks on the dropdown bar and selects the new device.

  • The guest should check their Zencastr Settings and make sure the correct device (microphone) is selected as the audio input.

    • To change a device, the guest clicks on the dropdown bar and selects the new device.

2. The host and guest check the connection of their audio input and output devices.

  • Check the cables connecting any external devices (headphones or microphone) to make sure they are properly plugged into the computer.

    • For certain devices, a page refresh may be needed when unplugging and replugging for the changes to take effect.

  • If using headphones, make sure they are connected to the computer itself instead of any external microphones or cameras.

  • Some audio interfaces or mixers have multiple options for audio input. If using one of these devices, make sure the correct audio input is selected.

    • For Rodecaster Pro, ‘Rodecaster Pro Stereo’ not ‘Rodecaster Multitrack’ should be selected as both the audio input (microphone) and the audio output (speaker).

3. The guest tests the microphone.*

*If the guest’s waveform is not moving and the above steps have already been tried.

  • To confirm that there is not an issue with the microphone itself, the guest can open another browser-based program/app that uses the microphone, such as Google Meet.

  • In Google Meet, the guest should test that the microphone can be selected and the input and output is working correctly.

4. The host and guest do a speed test to make sure their internet connection meets the minimum requirement of at least 10 Mbps for both the download and upload speed.*

*If all participants’ audio input and output devices have been checked and are working correctly.

  • The host and guest run a speed test using this link.

  • If the internet connection doesn’t meet the 10 Mbps download and upload speed minimum, this can be difficult to address in the moment but the participant could try:

    • Connecting to a different network

    • Connecting to a hardwired network

  • If a participant is connecting from a company or educational space, they should reach out to their IT team to have them verify that Zencastr is not blocked by a firewall or other security settings.

5. Contact Zencastr Support

If none of the above steps work, contact Zencastr Support via chat or email.

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You and your guest should follow the above troubleshooting steps with you checking your audio input (microphone) and the guest checking their audio output (headphones or speakers).

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